Mr & Mrs Zhai

My wife and I came from China and we were visiting our relatives in Melbourne. On September 22, we participated Evergreen’s Sydney/Canberra 4 Day Tour. The 4 day tour was very enjoyable. Although it was only a short four days, the tour guide Jeffrey left us a great impression and amazing unforgettable memories.
I personally think the management philosophy of a company is carried out by their employees. Our high satisfaction of this tour is inseparable from the hard work of the tour guide Jeffrey. In the overall experience of this 4-day tour, Jeffrey was highly professional. Whether it was just the introduction of the route and destinations, the organisation of the tour activities, or the safety management, etc., Jeffrey showed the highest level of tour guiding skills and qualities, and his work was fantastic. As a visitor I felt like he was more than a tour guide, he was a family member to us. I believe that Jeffrey has done a lot of homework in history, geography, folklore, and tour guide knowledge for him to do such a good job as a tour guide. Without being said, having employee like Jeffrey have improved the image of your company. This 4 days tour was definitely worth it!
In addition, the driver and the tour guide are a great team together. The receptionist Irene, she gave us a very professional introduction of the products and great tour suggestions, which made good start before the tour, so I’d like to praise that as well.
Jeffery… keep up the good work!
Next time when I travel, I’m going with Evergreen again!
Mr & Mrs Zhai
(Translated from Chinese)

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